Slovenska lyrics besedila pesmi

Besedilo pesmi:

Društvo Mrtvih Pesnikov

Be My Woman

I know it’s just me
who caused this situation.
I just couldn’t see
our love had been slowly flyin’ away.

I know how you feel
when things go wrong for nothing,
but baby,
please do try to understand.

I don’t want to marry money
I don’t need you for my loving needs
I just need someone to talk to
I need someone who’ll disagree with me.

We’re still so young
and some words still got their meaning,
the world is rolling on,
there’s no place for broken hearts at all.

Sometimes you will cry
without beliefs and weary,
but baby,
I’ll be always there for you.

This’s not the time, the time for feeling sorry,
forget the past and let us make a start again.
Give our love a chance,
give our love one more chance,
be my woman.