Slovenska lyrics besedila pesmi

Besedilo pesmi:

Elvis Jackson


Do I believe in world of peace and entertainment? I don’t know.
I really breath this air or its just mine imagination? I don’t know.
This world we live is drowning down, drowning down to the bottom, we even don’t know if its real In the world of
Do I still think or I’m connected on computer?I don’t know.
Maybe I wish to die because I won’t wait tomorrow? I don’t know.
This world we live is just a joke, we can’t buy it another,
This world we live is drowning down in the world of doubts.
You take of your shoes than you can see closer, pick it up tan you can see closer.
I’ll help you out from here because I can’t let you screaming,
I can’t let you screaming because the world is falling down,
Maybe your life is clear, maybe you’ve been dreaming.
Doubts, doubts.