Slovenska lyrics besedila pesmi

Besedilo pesmi:

Elvis Jackson

Nobody knows

Nobody knows to take a blame now
In a world we live its all the same now.
Nobody knows that this world is spoiled,
it is so wrong and misguided.
Nobody knows what we are going to say,
nobody knows what we are going to do,
nobody knows that all world is planning
to destroy the political planet.
Nobody knows, yet N.K.
Nobody wants to take the blame now,
In a world we live are all so shame now.
Nobody knows that the world is mystic
it is so bored and realistic.
Nobody knows that we are planning,
To destroy this political planet.
I hear stories about our people, fucking politicians,
stories about their laws.
I don’t care if you are not with me,
I just have to do something,
Something against that crew.
WRIGHT that’s my opinion!
WRONG you own (wrong) decision!