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Besedilo pesmi:

Elvis Jackson

Unlucky guy

Unlucky guy is coming,
Holding in his hand a broken toy.
Unlucky dreams are behind him,
He was abused but full of hope.
Unlucky guy,…
He got no reason to cry and hide,
Running from the world he was fighting for.
No religion keep him smiling,
Smiling for someone.
Unlucky guy,…
He was fighting the ghost at night,
He told him, he will win that crazy fight.
Unlucky faces around him,
Wake him up at night and start the fight.
Why coming, why coming around,
Why coming, why coming around.
Why shoot on dreams is coming, why coming around.
Coming and coming-coming, why coming around?
His life is denied, they don’t care about,
His dreams are so quiet they don’t care about.