Slovenska lyrics besedila pesmi

Besedilo pesmi:

Slon in Sadež

Marihuana reggae

I’m a little narkoman
I like the hasish and marihuane
I know i’m gonna die one of this days
At least i go with a smile on my face,
but, but the things aren’t easy so
coz it is prohibited by the law,
so you can find me in bushes and in park,
hidding with my joints in the dark
I like the goverment,
I like the police
but most of all I like Cannabis.

I am not saying
you should smoke all day
but one or two times
it should be OK
coz with or without tha grass
you always have people
just sitting on their ass.
If it’s legal to drink vine and beer
why is ganja a subject of fear?
We are, we are providing education
to bring marihuana legalization!

I like the goverment…2x