Slovenska lyrics besedila pesmi

Besedilo pesmi:

Slon in Sadež

Taliban reggae

All the people were making fun,
because i was reading the Qur’an.
And to some I looked realy wierd,
with white turban and black beard.

I ve’ never been more popular in my life,
since i carry a big mutt knife!

I am a littla taliban,
I come from the country of Afganistan
If i am gonna die in a big crush,
it is the will of mighty Allah!

I didn’t have the money for vacation,
so I joined a terrorist organisation.
I’ve learned to fly a plane from a friend,
but he forgot to teach me to land.
ref 2x:
I love my papa i love my mamma,
but most of all I love Osama

I am feeling the most happy
when I hear the scream (aaaaggghhhh) of yappi.
I don’t care much where I am going,
because i drive 7’o’7 (a)boing!

I make sure that you will asay remember
the date of eleventh of september.
We choose this day because of this:
it’s international day of peace!
ref 2x

And I would be a real nice lad
if I weren’t in jihad.
For this just one attack
americans want to bomb us back

I know that repercussion would come
and it’s a great comercial for Islam.
It’s not much but now I can
see my house on CNN!