Slovenska lyrics besedila pesmi

Besedilo pesmi:

Vili Resnik

All what we have been ang. ver. – Vse kar sva bi

All what I can give, it´s all what I live.
Yes I´m not the same, I follow true way,
just alone I´ve found new shining tracks,
laugh has woken my life sense,
’cause I do change as you do.

All what I am today, I was yet someday,
but the day when I failed, it brought me a strength.
Just alone I´ll wander over way,
what it´s been, it doesn´t pain,
’cause I do change as you do.

All what we have been, it´s still part of heart
of some time in our mind.
all what we have been
future carries in,
both we´re not we´ve been.

Now I know people are the truth,
one of thoughts gaves them a roof,
if they hide themself from you.
All what we have been,
we exceed, we like to win,
different time is in.